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Toronto jazz pianist and producer.

jazz pianist and producer

Toronto – based, jazz pianist and producer Dragan Petrovic immigrated to Toronto in the early nineties, from his native city Belgrade where he made living as a professional musician and producer. Dragan has been working as a music producer and jazz pianist in Toronto for the past 25 years. He has been producing talented, emerging artists aspiring to international acclaim.
As a guest jazz pianist/keyboard player, he has appeared on many records and performed live with other jazz musicians in Toronto – N.Y.C vibrant jazz scene. Playing Jazz and Commercial music in Belgrade and Europe, Dragan composed and arranged music for theater and Radio and TV stations.
2001 Dragan graduated from Berklee College in Boston, Jazz Piano program. What makes him successful as a producer is his passion and diverse set of skills. He is caring and creative and committed to producing consistent and high-quality work. His recent producing credits include so many talented artist.
Dragan’s recording and production studio “Sound Academy” is located at 612 The Queensway in Etobicoke, the west part of Toronto.
His influences are great pianists such as Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Bill Evans and Joe Sample.

The Vibe - New York Jazz 2017

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My Latest Productions

Mindful Audacity Toronto

Jazz and fusion band from Toronto. Just finished producing an album for this very talented and emerging T.O. band.

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Mindful Audacity

My Latest Productions

Sharon Bieck Toronto

Sharon Bieck has been in Toronto’s vibrant music scene as a saxophonist, flautist and singer/songwriter for many years.A chance meeting with Dragan Petrovic, a world class pianist and composer, in 2005 led to a musical collaboration that could be described as “two worlds collide”. Her collection of original tunes, has a distinct influence from Dragan’s performance and arrangements. The Way the Story Moves CD is an easy listening collection of beautiful vocal, piano and guitar compositions. The genius of Dragan Petrovic, shines through as the featured musician and arranger. Sharon’s storytelling through song will draw you in with her soothing voice and messages of love, adventure and life’s challenges and wisdom. A mix of jazz, funk, blues and folk, this album is their first collaboration.

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Sharon Bieck