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DO I NEED TO SIGN A CONTRACT? Yes, Signing contract is mandatory. Our studio – production is not starting before the client signs the contract. A written agreement with a studio and your producer is standard practice in a music business. After both parties are agreed to terms and conditions, the contract will be signed.

CAN I PAY AT THE END OF RECORDING SESSION? NO, Payment (flat rate or 5h deposit)  must be paid in full on a day of signing the contract, not after. Production/Project Price Clients- 50% of the cost due up front with the remaining payment made upon completion of the project. Monthly payment plans are available for bigger projects.

I WANT TO CO-PRODUCE  MY RECORD? Yes, that is OK. Terms and conditions of co-production agreement, between you and your producer, must be written in the contract, agreed on both sides and signed. A verbal agreement is not accepted.

CAN I PAY FLAT INSTEAD OF HOURLY RATE? Yes. You can choose how you want to be charged. We always have very attractive “FLAT RATE” deals. If you don’t like them, you can always opt to pay an hourly rate. (we usually charge 5h up front)

What is a basic recording cost?

STUDIO TIME - RECORDING AND MIXING (with engineer) producedbydragan/services

Hourly Rate: 70.00$ an hour (taxes are incl)
Production and arrangements are paid extra.
*Studio booking: 4h minimum session paid up front.


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Can I cancel the contract?

Yes. At any time. You’ll get your songs, recorded tracks, and all recorded files back. Any payment received after signing a contract will not be refunded.

“CLIENT” is the sole owner of all resulting intellectual property and recordings

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