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Dragan P. Alexander was born in Belgrade 1961. He is naturalized Canadian who immigrated to Canada /Toronto/ in early nineties, from his native Belgrade where he made living as a professional musician. His influences are great pianist such as Herbie Hencock, Chick Corea, Bill Evans and Diana Krall. Playing Jazz and Commercial music in Belgrade and Europe, Dragan composed and arranged music for theater's and Radio and TV stations. Always alluding, suggesting many influences from Continental American to Romany Europe, Dragan's playing and composing manages to capture the ear in both its; good taste and understated subtle sophistication offering jazz music lovers of all tastes a palette of elegant musical cuisine.
His compositions are truly elegant and inspiring. Every new recording continues to keep listeners in anticipation of his next musical adventure. This Berklee graduate has a solid reputation as a sophisticated and highly respected Toronto jazz pianist/producer. His broad repertoire of styles reflect both European and North American influences and he has an impressive emotional range that will captivate the ears of jazz and fusion music lovers of all tastes.

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